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An interactive guide to Oberlin College's architecture and monuments from its founding to the present. This site provides historical and current information on
on the college's structures and includes photos, drawings, descriptive information, and…

The John Frederick Oberlin Collection of the Oberlin College Archives
This collection of digitized images, texts, and objects from the Oberlin College archives relates Oberlin's namesake, John Frederick Oberlin. Known in France as Jean-Frédéric but born in Strasbourg as Johann Friedrich, Oberlin was a Lutheran pastor…

A wide range of images including aerial views, photographs of floods, snowstorms, events, individual people, buildings, bicycles, documents, and more.

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Oberlin College Archives partnered with the Oberlin Heritage Center in 2011-2012 to build "Oberlin and the Civil War," a digital collection of Civil War era materials in the Oberlin…

The collection of images brings together formal portraits of Oberlin College presidents, faculty, trustees, and other important figures in the institution's history.

A collection of photographs and illustrations depicting buildings and campus panoramas; includes images by official campus photographers Arthur Ludwig Princehorn and his son Arthur Ewing Princehorn.

A collection of photographs of Oberlinians who served in the military during the first World War
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