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Biking Tour of Historic Oberlin
This tour is designed for bikers, but can also be traveled on foot or by car. For booklet copies of the tour visit the Oberlin Heritage Center office in the James Monroe House at 73 1/2 South Professor St. The full tour is about 4 and 1/2 miles.

Charles Martin Hall and Oberlin's Aluminum Connection
This walking tour visits 14 locations associated with Charles Martin Hall's life in Oberlin, including his homes; Tappan Square which he endowed; and Hall Auditorium, named for his mother.

Freedom's Friends
This tour is a self-guided version of the popular Freedom's Friends History Walk. The tour guides you to local landmarks connected to Oberlin's abolitionist history. Explore at your own pace while reading stories of sacrifice and freedom and seeing…

History of the Schools of Oberlin
Learn about the history of public education in Oberlin, visit locations of where former schools were located, hear oral history recollections from students of the twentieth century, and explore how the school system and buildings evolved into the…

A Kid's Tour of Oberlin History
This tour centers on five sites clustered around Martin Luther King, Jr., Park on Vine Street between Main Street and Park Street. Structured as a "quest"--which asks kids to answer a question before moving to the next site--it will take a half hour…

More Oberlin History Highlights: The Struggle for Racial Justice
This tour visits Oberlin monuments to explore its abolitionist heritage and contributions to the Civil War, and includes site that signaled the town’s re-dedication to African American struggles during the Civil Rights era.

This tour takes about…

Oberlin's African-American Community: Historic Groveland
The southeast quadrant of the City of Oberlin has historically housed the African-American community and Groveland Street is at its heart.

Oberlin College: The First Century
The tour consists of eight stops, all on or near Tappan Square. The tour was developed under the auspices of the Oberlin College Archives and the Coalition for Oberlin History.

Oberlin History Highlights
This short tour, taking 15-20 minutes to complete, introduces the history of Oberlin, including its religious inspiration, its abolitionist commitment and its attention to the education of women. It was co-created for the Coalition for Oberlin…

Oberlin Monuments and Outdoor Sculpture: Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
This 8-page guide offers a brief history of Martin Luther King Jr's visits to Oberlin, discusses the decision to erect a monument to him in 1987, highlights the work of local mason Burrell Scott and bricklayer Henry Young on the monument, and offers…

Oberlin Monuments and Outdoor Sculpture: World War II Memorial Garden
A 3-page history of the construction of World War II Memorial Garden, which was built in 1995 to honor Oberlin alumni who died in the war.

Oberlin Service Men and Women (Westwood Cemetery Memorial Day Tour)
This tour includes an introduction to Oberlin’s historic cemetery, local reactions to the nation’s involvement in various wars and conflicts dating back to the Civil War, and stories of Oberlinians who served in the military and war relief efforts.

Picture the Past
This tour covers a one block radius extending from the corner of Main and College Streets and is filled with fun facts, historic photographs, and more!

Walking Tour of Jewett-Related Sites
Created for "Jewett Day" in 2013, this two-page brochure includes photographs, information and a map to seven local landmarks related to Frank Fanning Jewett and Sarah Frances Gulick Jewett. Mr. Jewett taught chemistry at Oberlin College and Mrs.…

Walking Tour of Oberlin's Downtown Historic District
A wonderful introduction to the history of Oberlin's downtown can be found in a downloadable version of "A Walking Tour of Oberlin's Downtown Historic District," published by the City of Oberlin Historic Preservation Commission. This self-guided tour…

Westwood: A Historical and Interpretive View of Oberlin's Cemetery, Oberlin, Ohio
This 65-page guide to Westwood Cemetery details the cemetery's history, describes the flora and fauna, and includes biographical details about many of the 19th century figures who are buried there.

Westwood Cemetery Tour
A self-guided walking tour of the historic Westwood Cemetery, includes 24 'stops' at the grave markers of famous residents from the 19th century.
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